University Hospital of North Norway (UNN)
University Hospital of North Norway (UNN)
Tromsø, Norway

University Hospital of North Norway (UNN)

Today and in the future

The presence of the University Hospital of North Norway (UNN) in the northern regions provides security for the resident population, as well as thousands of visitors and the many people who travel to North Norway to work. As the leading healthcare provider and health trust in the region we offer medical expertise at several levels. Premier class treatment, research, education and training form the very foundation of our efforts to save, prolong and improve lives. The UNN intends to continue to help advance society in North Norway.

A wide range of functions

The University Hospital of North Norway (UNN) cares for patients who require highly specialised treatment in a range of specialist areas. The UNN also serves as the local hospital for residents of Troms and parts of Nordland, providing the full range of hospital functions required of Norwegian local hospitals by the authorities. The UNN has hospitals in Tromsø, Harstad, Narvik and Longyearbyen (on Svalbard). The UNN runs psychiatric clinics in Tromsø with integrated addiction treatment centres and several regional psychiatric centres in Ofoten, Southern Troms, Central Troms and Tromsø. The UNN operates the regional medical emergency communications centre (AMK), as well as a number of ambulance stations in Nordland and Troms. The UNN also provides healthcare staff for the air ambulance service.

Key role in the community

The UNN works to ensure that residents of North Norway are offered a good level of treatment within the region and as close to their homes as possible. In order to provide the best possible service, we are obliged to distribute functions and tasks across all of our locations. With continual modernisation and development, the UNN seeks to build an organisation that will remain solid in the years to come. With its visible presence in the north the UNN is a cornerstone of many local communities and helps ensure sustainable development in the northern regions.

The largest employer in the region

The UNN currently employs around 5,900 people spread across some 70 departments – from Longyearbyen in the north to Narvik in the south. This makes us the largest employer in the region. In the last few years the UNN has undergone a major development and restructuring process. Treatment, training, research and diagnostics take place at 11 different clinics, while two management centres and five staff departments provide support functions.