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Facts and figures

Why advertise your job vacancy on Academic Positions?


  • Over 135,000 unique job seekers every month
  • Over 60,000 qualified job subscribers from Northern and Central Europe
  • Over 1,500 universities and research institutes use Academic Positions
  • Targeted E-Mail alerts to candidates looking for jobs within over 550 fields and subjects.

visitscontinentVisits by continent


  1. Europe (75%)
  2. Asia (12%)
  3. Americas (10%)
  4. Oceania (2%)
  5. Africa (1%)


visitseurVisits by European region


  1. Northern Europe (44%)
  2. Central Europe (31%)
  3. Southern Europe (18%)
  4. Eastern Europe (7%)


The majority of our visitors are from Northern and Central Europe. However, we also have a strong presence in Southern and Eastern Europe, as well as outside Europe.

Popular job types


*Graph displaying job subscribers representation by job type

Popular fields


* Graph displaying the most popular fields among job subscribers