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UZ Leuven

Research is, in addition to patient care and education, one of the missions of a university hospital. University Hospitals Leuven tries to stimulate doctors and nurses to actively contribute to scientific research.

Medical staff members who invest part of their time in scientific research, develop the required scientific insight and expertise to be able to evaluate the most recent developments and technologies, and apply these in patient care.

In the past decades, many diagnoses were recognised, studied and treated, resulting in great knowledge and know-how. 

High-quality patient care and patient safety

Thanks to the constant dedication, motivation and skills of all its personnel, UZ Leuven is able to offer its patients high-quality care. As a result, our hospital has been able to develop into a leading reference centre. In the future, UZ Leuven intends to consolidate and further develop its position as a leading university medical centre. Working at all times for better, safer patient care is the essence of the hospital’s operating philosophy.

UZ Leuven has demonstrated this by gaining accreditation from an external, independent organisation. In view of the hospital’s international positioning, the Joint Commission International (JCI) was selected for this task.

Jobs at UZ Leuven