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The University of Ulm is chronologically the ninth in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The first ideas of founding a university in Ulm go back to the 50's. In 1959, the research group "University of Ulm" was formed, which produced a memorandum on founding a university in March of 1961. Due to competition between the cities of Constance and Ulm in the early stages, the idea of establishing a university in each of the two cities gained popularity. A critical factor leading to this decision was the fact that Constance is situated near a federal border. The opportunities for employment in the field of medicine would not be sufficient due to the lack of a patient catchment area at the border. The idea of founding a university in Ulm therefore became more concrete - it would be a university shaped by medicine and natural sciences.

In July of 1965, the foundation committee submitted its "Memorandum on a College of Medicine and Natural Sciences in Ulm," which was approved by the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg's council of ministers in January 1966. Just two months later, the "Interim Constitution of the Ulm College of Medicine and Natural Sciences" came into effect.

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