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Sogn og Fjordane University College

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Sogn og Fjordane University College is a medium sized modern institution of higher education in Norway, with approximately 3000 students and 300 employees. The University College is one of 26 state run University Colleges.

Scope of Education

Sogn og Fjordane University College offers students a wide variety of educational programs at the Bachelor level -and an increasing number of Master programs- in health studies (nursing), social sciences, history, business, tourism, languages, engineering, sciences, landscape planning, renewable energy, law, teacher education and sports.

The University College offers several vocational Bachelor programmes and work closely with the regional industries, hospitals, education providers, public organisations and enterprises.

Knowledge Camp in the Heart of Norway

The University College is located between mountains, fjords and waterfalls in Sogn og Fjordane County by the Sognefjord, with campuses in Sogndal and Førde. The surrounding areas span over a variety of environments ranging from marine to high alpine, with glaciers and several nature parks on the World Heritage list.

The University College has won favor among international students for its small, intimate locations, high academic standards, close relations between students and staff and vibrant student life. The local communities in Sogndal and Førde are large enough for cultural activities to flourish with a surprisingly varied selection of sport events, concerts, films and theatrical productions, yet small enough to maintain an intimate feel.

International Collaboration

Sogn og Fjordane University College participates in several international projects through programmes such as Nordplus, Erasmus and Study Abroad, and has a number of Partner Institutions worldwide. Agreements include activities such as collaborative research, joint academic and scientific activities, exchange of publications, student- and teaching staff exchange.


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