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School of Health Sciences

The School of Health Sciences provides education and research of the highest quality in health, care and social work with the goal of maintaining and improving the health of individuals and populations. The School of Health Sciences strives to operate in close contact with its social setting by being flexible to the needs of society and by working with other schools and universities, companies and organizations. This has resulted in innovations and improvement being natural parts of the education. Cooperating in research involving both national and international participants generates unique knowledge for society. Research forms a foundation for quality and development and is an important source of inspiration for the students.


At the School of Health Sciences, students are prepared for a changing future in a creative scholastic environment. The education provided scores highly in national evaluations and is praised in the media as an example of excellence.

The School of Health Sciences offers several web-based courses to students with internet access, providing the opportunity to earn higher education credits in a flexible learning environment from anywhere in the world.

Research School

Post-doc education at the Jönköping Research School of Health and Welfare has attracted increasing numbers of doctoral students to its well-organized educational programmes. Subjects offered include Disability Science, Gerontology, Nursing Science, Occupational Therapy, Oral Health Science, Social Work and Quality Improvement and Leadership in Health and Welfare.


The School of Health Sciences enjoys the standing of a leading school nationally in part because of its top-quality research. The school is one of the academic environments for healthcare research in Sweden that has published extensively in international journals of renown. The school´s research is also cited often.

Research focuses on three prominent research areas:

  • Ageing - Living Conditions and Health
  • Quality Improvements, Innovations and Leadership

There are four additional research programmes: Biomedical Platform, Oral Health, Prosthetics and Orthotics and Research Platform of Social Work.

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