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Rudolf Steiner University College (RSUC)

The Rudolf Steiner University College (RSUC) master programme invites experienced practitioners to explore and improve educational practice in kindergartens, schools, workplaces and all other arenas where learning and human development take place. Our programme is for people who work with people, and aims at providing its students with the knowledge and research abilities to develop and transform their current practice. While obtaining an internationally recognized master degree, our graduates will have learned how to perform an educational research project.

The RSUC master programme acknowledges the dynamic educational relationships between the personal, cultural, environmental and spiritual. We recognize that everything we do as individuals affects others and our shared communities and environments. We regard ourselves as responsible for a world in need of change, and that the education of tomorrow must take active part in developing sustainable knowledge, skills and life conditions. This ethical attitude towards education is how we understand the essentials of Waldorf education, and the legacy of Rudolf Steiner’s ideas.

The RSUC master programme is for those who think that education has an important role to play in achieving individual, cultural and ecological sustainability. It offers a broad introduction into research methods recognizing the human, relational and spiritual aspects of educational practice and research. It is for educational ‘activists’ who want to be more effective in working with transformation within all pedagogical situations. It is for those seeking to influence our shared future – imaginatively, collaboratively, ethically and with dignity.

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