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We have trained future nurse since its inception in 1867. Red Cross University College (formerly Red Cross College of Nursing) was started in 1867 by Emmy Rappe and was the first secular nursing education in Sweden. Since its inception we have trained nurses with skills and readiness for global work and helped care developments in Sweden. School was previously located at Sabbatsbergs hospital but since 2004, we are available at KTH Campus in downtown Stockholm. We sit in modern bright rooms where parts of the building is from the late 1800s second half. The latest addition to the college's newly renovated student plane, which opened in December 2012 to create a stimulating environment for our students to reside in. We have an inclusive work environment where our students are represented in the working groups that promote the development of education. Today, more than 60 people at college and we have about 650 students. We care about our history and we comply with all the nurses who proudly wears the Red Cross nurse brooch out working.

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