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Nordregio is a leading international Nordic research institute in the broad field of regional studies. We undertake strategic research with the aim of producing informed and relevant material for decision-makers at the international, national and regional levels.

Research & Development
We specialise in international comparative and collaborative research. Using our leading-edge skills, we carry out quantitative and qualitative analyses on many different geographic scales.

One of Nordregio's most important tasks is to contribute to the development of regional policy and growth in the Nordic countries. Good policy decisions can only be made on the basis of reliable information.

Regional development, urban and rural systems, demography, governance and gender, innovation and knowledge, green growth, international energy policy, global climate change and local adaptation are among our major areas of interest. Our research competencies include the production of high-quality maps and the development of state of the art statistical databases. Learn more about Nordregio research and development.

International programmes, clients & partners
Nordregio operates in the field between research and policy development with a wide range of clients and partners. Read more about the work we share with many different actors.

Experienced researchers
Nordregio offers an international environment with researchers from around the world. It is a pleasure to introduce our skilled research team to you.

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