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NLA University College in Bergen

For more than 45 years NLA University College has been involved in a thorough reshaping of Norwegian undergraduate and graduate education. Our aim is to develop and represent an alternative to the education given by state universities.

We are committed to highly qualified teaching and research, and our exams are approved by the Ministry of Education and Research in Norway as equivalent to those of the state universities. The curricula and the teaching methods of NLA reflect a strong commitment to the education of persons who are able to assess both the academic studies and the current trends and developments in society as a whole. NLA University College is founded on Christian values, but students are not required to have any religious affiliation, nor are they asked about their religious views.

NLA Sandviken

Offers courses in Education and Religious Education at bachelor’s and master’s level, and in Intercultural Studies at bachelor’s level only. The campus is located in Sandviken, just outside Bergen city center.

NLA Breistein

Offers Teacher Education and Kindergarten Teacher Education. The campus is located 15 km north of Bergen city center.

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