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Research  institutions and Universities of the Centre-Val de Loire region have created in LE STUDIUM Institute for Advanced Studies an innovative programme for bringing together the best scientists from all over the world.

LE STUDIUM programmes offers fellowships to high-level international researchers within laboratories for long periods of one year or more. Outstanding enabling working conditions and dynamic scientific animation make them a unique experience for research fellows.

LE STUDIUM's objective is to enhance the profile of science in the Centre-Val de Loire region, to increase international exchanges, work with researchers and the local communities on the transfer of knowledge and technologies so that it may figure as an European centre of excellence, making the Loire Valley to be seen as a "Medici Villa of Science".

This initiative is actively supported by local, regional, and national governments, universities, research institutions, and companies. LE STUDIUM is a partner of the regional council for all smart specialisation programmes ARD2020. The annual call for application, SMART LOIRE VALLEY FELLOWSHIPS PROGRAMME receives H2020 co-funding from the European Union for research and innovation as part of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie, Contract No. 665790.


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