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Fachhochschule Kiel

Kiel University of Applied Sciences as we know it was founded on 1 August 1969 as a result of the merger of several state-run schools of engineering and technical colleges which in themselves can look back on a history of more than 100 years. Its campus is located directly on the waterfront of Kiel's firth.

With its approximately 6,400 students (winter term 2011/2012), the Kiel University of Applied Sciences is the largest institution of its kind in Schleswig-Holstein. Those interested in studying here can choose from a wide range of options: around 35 Bachelor's and Master's degrees, supplementary degrees and continuing education courses are offered by the faculties of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, Agricultural Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Media, Social Work & Health, and Business Management. The campus is located in city of Kiel, the capital of Schleswig-Holstein, although the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences is to be found not far from Kiel in the depths of rural Osterrönfeld, near the North Sea Canal City of Rendsburg.


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