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CGL are a leading charity championing people who have faced hardships such as addiction, homelessness and abuse, and supporting them into recovery. Based in England and Wales, we offer free, confidential treatment and support to anyone who needs us including adults and young people, families and friends, offenders and the wider community. 

What makes us special?

Over a quarter of our staff have had personal experience of the issues our service users face, and a great many more have supported loved ones. Time and again our service users tell us it’s this insight into what they’re going through and our frank, down to earth approach that makes all the difference to their recovery. 

We also encourage service users to stay on with us for as long as they need – as volunteers and peer mentors, or by popping in every now and then for a catch up. That’s because we know that recovery isn’t only about first class treatment, it’s about creating a network of support so that when you’re going through a rough time, you know there’s always someone you can call on.

There’s no magic formula for our success - we’re just people who work hard, who care and who absolutely love what we do.

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