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Combine your PhD studies with business and entrepreneurship training
KIC InnoEnergy
KIC InnoEnergy is the European company dedicated to promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and education in the sustainable energy field by bringing together academics, businesses and research institutes.
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Published: 2 months ago
Application deadline: Unspecified
Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands
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Combine your PhD studies with business and entrepreneurship training

Combine your current PhD studies with entrepreneurship training and turn your innovative ideas into marketable products and services. European mobility support included.

Who doesn’t dream of turning a bright idea into a commercial success?

It’s a basic aspiration of anyone with the ability to dream up smarter ways of generating energy today, or come up with totally new ways of utilising energy in the future. There’s probably no shortage of ideas in either category. But simply dreaming of success won’t achieve it. Solid training in entrepreneurship, on the other hand, stands a much greater chance.

Now there’s an unrivalled opportunity to combine your current PhD studies with training that paves the way for success – both commercial and personal.

If you’re in the first year of an engineering PhD, or are just about to begin, KIC InnoEnergy PhD School’s add-on programme in entrepreneurship, innovation and business could be just what you need.

You learn to think products and markets already at the research stage, boosting your innovation capacity as well as your ability to make something good come out of it – for you and the world we live in.

Many benefits for PhD candidates

Entrepreneurship, innovation and business focused on sustainable energy
Our specialised training delivers invaluable insights into the economy and industrial outlook of the energy field. You learn how energy businesses are created and run. You stay one step ahead of other PhD students when developing new products and services and bringing them to market.

Flexible curriculum tailored to your needs

All our courses help you develop vital new skills. Why not study Energy Economics or enrol for our Entrepreneurship Summer School or Renewables Boot Camp? You combine mandatory course modules and workshops with optional complementary courses – and take them when they best fit your needs.

As long as you fulfil the basic requirements of the PhD School, you can plan your activities as you wish. Take the courses in parallel with your ongoing studies either at your home university or during our international mobility programme, for example.

Funding of mobility stay 

We offer funding with paid expenses for a training project spent at another European university, research institute or energy company. This is a great opportunity for you. Since you deepen your understanding of complex international organisations, you are better able to connect and drive innovation processes, thereby speeding up product development. Get in touch and we will tell you more! 

Access a large network of partners from academia and industry

Our pan-European network in academia and industry creates many contacts within the energy sector. You’ll be more attractive on the job market, making it easier to find a highly qualified international job or pursue a well-paid academic career.

Get in touch with us ASAP to find out more

Application is open all year round.

Find out more on our website or send us an e-mail: 

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PhD position: Detection of action potential propagation in 3D axons using intrinsic holographic contrast
Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM)
Published 6 days ago
Postdoc position: A tangential Thomson scattering diagnostic for high resolution pedestal characterization
Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER)
Published 28 days ago
PhD position: Virtual Materials Discovery for Energy Applications at DIFFER
Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER)
Published 2 months ago
Postdoc position: Low-energy precision measurements
National Institute for Subatomic Physics (NIKHEF)
Published 3 months ago
PhD position: Instrumentation for materials under extreme particle fluxes
Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER)
Published 6 months ago