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Postdoctoral Position: “Targeting platelets as a new anti-metastatic avenue”

A 2-year postdoctoral position is available in INSERM U949 “Biology and Pharmacology of Blood Platelets” (Strasbourg France). Our research team ( is interested in all aspects of platelet biology and pharmacology. The proposed work aims to unravel the role of blood platelets in tumor metastasis. A background in the field of cancer is expected. A very solid expertise in experimental and spontaneous models of metastasis is mandatory. Expertise in imaging and/or intravital microscopy would also be appreciated.

Platelets, which play a central role in the arrest of bleeding, have also been described to participate in tumor metastasis1. However, the molecular mechanism by which platelets promote metastasis and the relative importance of platelet receptors mediating these effects remain elusive. We have very recently reported a role of platelet integrin a6b1 in direct interaction with tumor cells. This interaction is mediating tumor cell extravasation and tumor cell colonization in distant organs2.

The main objective of this project is to characterize the role of platelets in tumor metastasis to propose new safe anti-cancer avenues. This work aims to unravel the mechanisms by which platelets and their adhesive receptors participate in metastatic dissemination of breast and colon cancer. We will use in vivo models based on orthotopic injection of breast (E0771) and colon (MC38) cancer cells. Tumor growth and metastatic formation will be followed over time by bioluminescence imaging on the whole mouse body. Anatomo-pathological properties of the metastasis will be determined by histological methods. The role of platelets will be evaluated using antiplatelet agents and we will explore the role of several platelet receptors using genetically-modified mice available in our animal facility. We will evaluate a series of human and mouse cancer cell lines (MCF7, SKRB3, E0771…) and study in vitro and ex vivo their physical and functional interaction with platelets. Intravital microscopy will be used to visualize in mice the interactions between platelet/tumor cells/endothelial cells as well as the role of platelets in tumor cell extravasation.

Interested candidates should apply as soon as possible.

Contact: Pierre Mangin,, UMR_S949 INSERM, Strasbourg, France


  1. Mammadova-Bach et al., Platelets in cancer. From basic research to therapeutic implications. 35(4):325-36. Haematologica, 2015
  2. Mammadova-Bach et al., Platelet integrin alpha6beta1 controls lung metastasis through direct binding to cancer cell-derived ADAM9. JCI insight, 2016

Founded in 1964, Inserm is a public scientific and technological institute which operates under the joint authority of the French Ministry of Health and French Ministry of Research.

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